The Goal

I wrote this book not to simply be a number one New York Times bestseller. I imagine every author has that same wish. I know I have poured many years of my soul and existence into this first book. And this is just the beginning. My way of introducing myself to you.

I’ve done many things over the years of my life but the one thing I’ve done consistently is found the most enrichment when immersed in complex systems. Figuring them out and making them simple from the inside out. And my body I discovered is no different. It too is only as complex as the vast quantity of subjects I had to learn to understand its function simply. As a unified complex system with one goal. This life to its fullest.

I’ve known for some time that I was working towards something bigger; something greater. But that vision was always just out of focus waiting for just the right time and reason. I just always knew when there was a nudge in the right direction. And other times, not so much. It was then I just continued to prepare.