What is Healthy?

Reading Time: 3 Minutes – What is Healthy?

As a cancer survivor, going on four years now I’ve come to understand that what is referred to as healthy, even by medical standards is a term that is almost meaningless.

Cancer that showed up on the surface at forty-five years of age for me was preceded by many decades of being referred to as healthy by my doctor’s standards and measures. In full blossom, the cancer demonstrated that it had been a part of my life going back as far as my teenage years, yet the earlier manifestations leading up to my mid-forties were continually misdiagnosed and treated as other minor things.

We are still living in the dark ages of medical technology and practice no matter how cool and futuristic the diagnostic toys that help determine health are. No matter how well educated the degrees, certifications, internships, and residencies make our medical staff feel, it is STILL A WORK IN PRACTICE.

The reality is that death is the final state and cancer is only one step or stage before the end of the journey or play. The reality is that there are at least six other stages in the play that lead up to the final act known as cancer. Then the end of the show.

The problem lay in the ignorance of us and our PRACTITIONERS to be able to identify the six or more other stages in the playhouse of disease we call life. And I along with every other person that has been diagnosed with cancer were long considered HEALTHY by medical standards, weights, and measures for decades before the final curtain falls.

And after four years of deep research into human physiology and disease pathology, the only clear indicator of health I’ve been able to find is this. And I know people will want to disagree for many reasons but to each their own. I know I’ve done the hard work and danced with cancer for four years and surviving well.

A body that is working out for at least thirty minutes a day with full use of every joint and muscle. This combined with a diet that includes ONLY foods that have a hydration level of 80% and above. And anything cooked or processed in ANY WAY before entering the body will eventually become problematic.

That’s my $0.02.

Michael J. Loomis | Editor at Chew Digest | Scribe at Terrain Wiki