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Just like the natural world around me, my body, in a sense, has a “Mother Nature.”

Let that sink in and simmer for a moment.

I call It “Soma Nature.”

Soma Nature is a personification of my body’s nature that focuses on the life-giving, life-preserving, and nurturing aspects of my body by embodying it in the form of a parental figure.

It has become clear that my body has a level of intelligence and set of operating instructions that it uses without any intervention on my part that I have no access to. I know that I can interfere with those processes by something as simple as eating poorly to a certain degree. But even then, I can only go so far before good old Soma Nature takes back control.

This is often referred to as an auto-immune disorder which is a slight misnomer because our body doesn’t attack itself. It isn’t attacking you but trying to correct an error in your body, and that level of detoxification is never comfortable and sometimes downright painful. It is precisely that mechanism of action being misinterpreting as an attack when it is not. If the irritating factor is removed, the auto-immune disorder typically ceases to function and stops being needed as a meaningful biological process. Even cancer under the right conditions has been observed to heal spontaneously.

Not sure yet why I connected these two concepts, but it seems like a useful tool for understanding how our body functions.

What do you think?

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Short Essay: The Creators Hour Circa 1984

Short Essay: The Creators Hour…Circa 1984

Often times when I wake up in the middle of the night I find myself extremely creative and sometimes an idea manifests itself. Sometimes it is something related to something I was studying the day before, other times whole cloth fiction. This morning’s creator’s hour was a little of both. Something from the mind of Ray Bradbury or George Orwell. Good times…8)

I thought I would share it with you.

People die from toxic shock for many reasons. It is considered a normal part of the human condition. And the seasonal flu. So what if someone wanted to profit off of something that they knew was coming because we human creatures of habit tend to habituate…8)

What if they saw a pattern of purchasing and dietary behaviors followed by expected disease pathologies and an opportunity for narrative flare. All of those discount tracking cards are on our keychains for our discounts. Our order history on Amazon.

What if they are just putting a collective name on this expected phenomenon because it is much more significant and widespread of a species-level toxic environment cleansing event that they knew was coming down the pike? It’s not like they don’t know everything we are eating. We sold it to them for 10% off our grocery bill.

Mother nature does clean house. Maybe we humans as a species are collectively sick this time around, like a tank full of fish.

Think of it like this. Humans as a race are a distinct body of water here on earth. We all roughly contain the same tissue fluids, plasma, and lymph with pretty much identical components just wrapped in separate lipid bilayer skins. 60% of us is water. We as a human whole are a giant ocean of mostly independent water balloons.

When a fish tank(body of water) becomes toxic you don’t just pull out a cup of water at a time, treat it, put it back, and repeat. No, that would be silly and never solve anything, you remove 50-75% so as to water down the excess toxins with the addition of fresh water.

Is it possible mother nature treats us the same way? Like a community body of water? Unfortunately, some may be so filled with toxins that they won’t survive the detoxification event.

How does that sound? I just made that all up…8)

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